Myriad Hypnosis

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Welcome to Myriad Hypnosis! Our mission is to provide the very best hypnotic experience that will meet your personal needs; professionally, ethically, safely, and affordably. 

Whether you need therapeutic assistance losing weight, reducing stress, improving your study habits; or you'd like a more recreational experience such as visualizing yourself riding your favorite roller coaster, or becoming an eagle soaring over the grand canyon. Here at Myriad Hypnosis, the hypnotic experience is whatever YOU want it to be. Whatever it may be, we'll help you get there!

With that said, feel free to explore the site to find the perfect service that will meet your needs. We offer One-to-One Online Skype Hypnosis sessions, One-to-One In-Person Sessions, and Free, Premium, Custom, Create Your Own MP3 Hypnosis Recordings. Need more information? Be sure to check out our FAQ, or contact us for any assistance you may need. We'll be more than happy to help!

One-to-One Online Skype Sessions

One-to-One Online Skype Hypnosis Sessions allow you to have an convenient and affordable hypnosis/hypnotherapy session from anywhere in the world. 

You will receive the same level of professional and confidential service that's provided during in-person hypnosis sessions.

In-Person Sessions

If you reside in the Huntington West Virginia area, and are searching for an affordable in person hypnosis/hypnotherapy service, look no further!

Myriad Hypnosis offers affordable, effective in-person hypnosis sessions that can help you achieve what you desire!

Free, Premium, Custom
MP3 Hypnosis Recordings

Myriad Hypnosis offers a wide-variety of Free, Premium, Custom Made, and Create-Your-Own therapeutic and recreational hypnosis MP3 files that are designed with your goals in mind. 

Whether you simply want to eliminate stress, or experience something more fun like a trip through the solar system, we offer it all!