Myriad Hypnosis

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Welcome to Myriad Hypnosis; providing unique hypnosis services to help individuals gain inner strength, and empowerment to reach their goals, change negative behaviors, eliminate fears, and unlock their full potential. 

Certified Hypnotherapist Jane Kinderlehrer is dedicated to help clients achieve beneficial change by using the most advanced and proven techniques to create the unique internal space which allows them to make therapeutic changes.

Many types of sessions are available in Myriad Hypnosis's One-to-One services such as personal development improvement, stress reduction, insomnia, achieving better sleep, relaxation, academic improvement, exercise, weight loss, enhancing creativity, motivation, self-confidence, sensual assistance, and procrastination. Sessions are available both through Skype Messenger as well as in person.

Additional services are also available such as Free, Premium, Custom Made, and Create your own MP3 files (coming soon), as well as mentorship services, and Skype demonstrations (coming soon).

Let Jane help you on your journey to create long lasting personal change and live the life you've always desired!