Myriad Hypnosis

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Welcome to Myriad Hypnosis!

Welcome to Myriad Hypnosis! If your here, you are more than likely curious about, and probably would like to experience hypnosis. 

Hypnosis is designed in such a way that you get instant access to the deepest levels of your mind. At these deep levels it is possible to alter your beliefs, thoughts and emotions and therefore change the results you are getting from life! 

Myriad Hypnosis can help you achieve what you desire!


Free, Premium, Custom Made, & Design Your Own MP3 Files

Free, Premium, & Design Your Own Files 

Available on 12/27/14 Custom Made Files are available!

We offer many Free, Premium, Custom Made, and Design Your Own Hypnosis Recordings!

Whether you want to stop smoking, eliminate anxiety, increase self confidence, improve social interaction or simply relax, you’ll find a powerful Hypnosis Session that will help you make all the changes you wish to make.

                                  MP3s are updated on a month-to-month basis, see this link for details.


One-to-One Online Skype Sessions

With the improvement in technology and broadband speeds it’s now possible to conduct personal hypnotherapy sessions online via webcam on Skype enabling you to connect with Jane from the location of your choice.

Skype is a free online video conferencing and voice call platform that has been revolutionizing the way people interact.

During your Skype hypnosis session, you and Jane will be able to see, hear and communicate with each other just as you would in person, even though you may be miles away.

Coming Soon - One-to-One In Person Sessions

If you live in the Huntington West Virginia Area, and are interested in being hypnotized One-to-One In Person, then this service is for YOU!

Details coming soon!